The Bionic Enterprises Group Sustainability in energy and agriculture

The Bionic Companies

Within the Bionic Group we maintain a number of websites for different purposes. Here are the two blog sites where we actively share important information with the interested public:

The Bionic Fuel Group Records, a blog where we share important news, thoughts and ideas the whole Bionic Group when ever they come up.

Jatropha Breeder 3.0 by Bionic Palm is gradually becoming the number 1 reference on the web for anything related to the breeding of superior Jatropha planting material.

Following is a list of the more important companies in our group. On this site we have included a short profile about each of them, while detailed information can often be found on linked individual company websites.

BFKP – Bionic Fuel Knowledge Partners Inc.

BLG – Bionic Laboratories BLG GmbH

BPL – Bionic Palm Ltd.

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