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Bionic microwave assisted energy conversion technologies.

Innovative organic fertilizer and soil conditioner

  Many exciting things happened at the Bionic Group over the course of 2013, but one development is clearly standing out: the development of the Bionic µsoil production system. I have written here before about the Bio-EliteTM organic fertilizer licensed by Bionic Lab in Germany. Now Bionic has made the already excellent Read more →

Coal – a clean energy source after all?

Recently Bionic disclosed its ground breaking new microwave assisted coal liquefaction process. It will be called Bionic µCTL, the brand name chosen for an all new development which profoundly rewrites the history on direct coal-to-liquid conversion. The Bergius process has been known for almost 100 years and was most successful Read more →

Healthy soil is Bionic’s focal point for 2013

At Bionic we have for years again and again discussed issues around the sustainable use of arable soil in more than one way. After all Bionic Fuel’s microfuel technology produces one of the most effective biochars available (besides the main product: liquid drop-in fuels), while Bionic Palm started more than 5 Read more →