The Bionic Enterprises Group Sustainability in energy and agriculture

IP Management

Intellectual property (IP) plays a key role in everything we do at Bionic.

Practically everything we do implies working with or the development of innovative technologies. Therefore we have founded Bionic Fuel Knowledge Partners Inc., Oswego, NY (BFKP) as our integrated IP management platform.

BFKP’s IP portfolio is continuously growing, covering alternative energy conversion technologies on one hand and agronomy and plant breeding technologies on the other.

Energy conversion:

  • Bionic microfuel technologies (µBTL, µWTL)  are implementations of our core microwave catalytic depolymerization process (MWDP). It applies microwave and catalytic cracking to the conversion of practically all organic substances producing liquid, solid and gaseous fuels.
  • Bionic microwave assisted carbon liquefaction (µCTL) is a direct liquefaction technology for coal, coke and char in a microwave assisted synthesis process based on the Bergius hydrogenation method.
Upgrading of pyrolysis crude oil:
  • Various innovative petrochemical processes for the efficient upgrade of crude pyrolysis oils into useful fuels meeting international standards.


Crop science and agronomy:

  • Hybrid breeding methods for Jatropha curcas.
  • Recovery of depleted soils based on a holistic approach including soil amendments and Jatropha hedges.
  • Global license for the production of an organic fertilizer which fully replaces synthetic NPK.
  • High quality biochar products charged with organic fertilizers and growth enhancing micro organisms.

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