The Bionic Enterprises Group Sustainability in energy and agriculture

The Bionic Companies

We are currently restructuring!

A new EU holding, Bionicfuel OÜ, has been founded in Tallinn, Estonia in February 2020. Gradually we will transfer all responsibilities from our current US Holding, Bionic Fuel Knowledge Partners Inc. to this new EU based company. This structural move follows our business reality where all ongoing activities and projects are EU centred.

Within the Bionic Group we maintain a number of websites for different purposes. Here are the two blog sites where we actively share important information with the interested public:

The Bionic Fuel Group Records, a blog where we share important news, thoughts and ideas the whole Bionic Group when ever they come up.

Jatropha Breeder 3.0 by Bionic Palm is gradually becoming the number 1 reference on the web for anything related to the breeding of superior Jatropha planting material.

Following is a list of the more important companies in our group. On this site we have included a short profile about each of them, while detailed information can often be found on linked individual company websites.

BFKP – Bionic Fuel Knowledge Partners Inc.

BLG – Bionic Laboratories BLG GmbH

BPL – Bionic Palm Ltd.

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