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Cocoa farm

Mature Cocoa grove

Besides more recent activities around the innovative organic fertilizer and soil enhancer Bionic µsoil which resembles a modern high tech descendant of the ancient Terra Preta, many of Bionic’s agriculture projects are concentrated at Bionic Palm Ltd. in Ghana. The picture above gives a glimpse of where we are headed in our latest agriforestry projects building on Cocoa and hardwood plantation backbones.

Ongoing activities are centered around the improvement of Jatropha planting material and agronomic practices, which is a core area of Bionic’s expertise with consulting and management service offerings.

Fruit cluster on an elite hybrid developed in Bionic's breeding program

Jatropha fruits

Bionic Palm owns a successful Jatropha breeding program aiming for high yielding, non-toxic elite cultivars. Read a lot more about this at our Jatropha Breeder 3.0 by Bionic Palm blog.

Jatropha hedges with tomatoes in between

Tomatoes planted in Jatropha double alleys

To identify and improve the best agronomic practices a test farm has been established in the eastern Accra plains. There we planted food crops alongside Jatropha hedges in a unique pattern developed by our experts specifically for the dry coastal Savannah.
The test farm also included a small poultry operation to facilitate long term feeding tests with our unique non-toxic seed meal. The diet will consist of heat processed Jatropha meal, Moringa powder and Maize. Minerals and vitamins can be added to the mix as needed.
Two male turkeys with one female

Turkey farm

Other areas of interest we are working on are an innovative approach to small scale palm oil processing and Tilapia aquaculture. Related projects are under preparation.

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