The Bionic Enterprises Group Sustainability in energy and agriculture

The Bionics Principle

The term “bionics” was first coined by Jack E. Steele in 1958. He defined it as “bionics is the application of biological principles that can solve technical problems”. For us at the Bionic Group its a concept that best describes the believes and motives behind what we do.

Working on sustainability every day inevitably makes you look at how perfectly nature has solved its issues through evolution. So many principles we are turning to today in our efforts to save the planet are true bionic solutions. This includes methods like organic farming or CO2 mitigation through carbon sequestration in the soil.

On this website we share our ideas and explain who we are and what we do as a partnership of individuals. We are dedicated to inventions and developments that aim to increase sustainability in the wide fields of energy conversion and agriculture. We live the Bionics idea.

Our group is active in so seemingly diverse areas as alternative (non-fossil) fuels and tropical agriculture. Innovation is essential to provide sufficient food and fuel to everyone on this planet while we move to a 9 billion population by 2050. We know that improved living conditions for today’s under-privileged require both: access to affordable energy and food.

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