The Bionic Enterprises Group Sustainability in energy and agriculture

About us

The Bionic Group was informally founded by two German individuals, Heinz W. Bruemmer and Ulrich B. Riemann shortly after 2000, the turn of the millennium. Originally it was meant just as a loose network of like-minded people and companies doing business together while sharing similar objectives and values.

Much later, in 2007, Bionic Fuel Knowledge Partners Inc. (BFKP) was founded in Oswego, NY by the same people. Over time BFKP became the management hub for all intellectual property (IP) developed within the Group. Since then, in a still ongoing process, the Bionic Group network is gradually converging into more and more of a formal structure. This process is more driven by the requirements of clients and business partners worldwide than our founders ambitions.

Thus, since its founding BFKP has become the network’s center not only administering all IP developed in the group but also the platform of a central holding company uniting the various strains of Bionic’s business development.

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